No news is?????

So no news on our test results. I KNOW that S's bloodwork is back at the pulmonologist's but they wouldn't tell me anything over the phone. Haven't heard on the scheduling of her MRI or sweat test yet either. So I guess it is no news for now.

Oh well. I am struggling to finish my last class of the semester...I have a huge project that is actually interesting, but I am WAY behind and it is already a few days overdue. Such is the life of a mom/student/worker with a sick kiddo.

Some of you mentioned that I should use FMLA to take care of S. I'd love to, but I am a new employee (less than 90 days) and a part-time employee with no benefits. I had a rough, rough, rough day at work today too...urgh.

Back to paper writing I go - but wanted to let you know that there is really no new news. As I write I am listening to S squeal with delight as M tries valiantly to get her ready for bed. So cute. :) More soon.

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