Arrest This Bread!

You know, I'm all about odd injuries. When I was a kid, I kicked my brother in the butt and broke my ankle. I tripped up the stairs at a water park and cracked my shin. But this? This I never expected. This is a piece of Wasa bread. It's like a thick, coarse cracker and S loves them.
I was trying to brush her hair after a bath. This bread was on the recliner and when she tried to escape, as toddlers often do, she rubbed up against it. This was the result. I felt horrible.


Beth said...

Not funny that she got hurt... but funny nonetheless! You kicked your brother and broke your ankle?

N and M said...

I did. I was 12 or 13...he blocked me with his wrist and there was something about the angle...and I broke my ankle. Spend 11 months in a cast because I kept rebreaking it. Freakish eh?

Mandy said...

Oh, N! I remember when you broke your ankle and had cast after cast after cast all through Junior High.

You even tried cutting it off during English class. HA!

Looks like little S is following suit of mama! Sorry that she got hurt, though. That's never fun. :(