Late Night

So, let me preface this by the fact that I LOVE our pediatrician.
Not so much today.

The phone rang last night at 8:30 from an unknown number. I KNEW it was Dr. V. She wanted to know if S was any better and I said that she was worse. (Which M and I both agreed. She was wheezing, and rattling and coughing up a storm.) S didn't have a fever anymore, which was good, but her breathing...well...it just plain sucked!

Dr. V wanted us to go downtown to a urgent care (pediatric) center to get a chest x-ray just to be safe. So I got S back out of bed (she wasn't asleep yet) and we headed down to the urgent care center. We got there at 9 and waited until 10 to get back to a room. Can we say, tired and grumpy toddler at 10pm? Fun times.

S was in LOVE with this doctor. She has a thing for African American men (which when she dates it will be interesting to see if that continues) and this doctor was no exception. She stopped coughing and started flirting. Oh. My. Gosh. It was so cute. If it hadn't been the middle of the night, and if I hadn't been pissed we were there, and if I hadn't been so worried - I would have really thought it was adorable. (Which it was). She even followed him into his office to flirt some more. She is totally NOT afraid of strangers anymore and so I think I will need to watch her even closer now.

He listened to her and said that unless she exhailed rapidly, that he could not detect any wheezing and didn't see the necessity of a chest x-ray. And he sent us on our merry way.

At 11pm.

We were sent down there for a chest x-ray. And in hindsight I should have argued, but at the time, I agreed with the doc. She seemed fine. Ha! Little did I know...

Got home. Put her to bed. Were awakened no less than SEVEN times to race into her room to make sure she was okay. She was wheezing, rattling, choking and coughing. Terrifying stuff.

This morning she is right as rain. In a wonderful mood and just got a dose of .31mg Xopenex. And since TWO docs pronounced her fine, to hell with it...we're going back to the splash park this afternoon to play with Emi and the boys.

More later.

Oh and hopefully I'll continue to Story of S later tonight. I have some work to do for my other job first. If not today, then hopefully tomorrow. It's amazing how much time I find to blog now that I am no longer working or in school. :)

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