Two Pokes (Or how I almost punched a nurse!)

Today we went for blood work ordered by S's endocrinologist. The nurses were nice and all, but they had to stick my toddler TWICE!!! The first time, the nurse literally rooted around in S's arm for MINUTES!! I looked at her and said,"You have five more seconds to get it, or you need to try another vein!" I was so irritated that she would try so long on a BABY!! WTH? While I'm not prone to violence of any kind, I'm always surprised by the mother lion that comes out when something is going down with S and I was tempted to push her away (or hit her)!
She finally got it on the second attempt. But still.
I guess she felt kind of bad, because she came in with a huge stack of stickers for S. I told S she could choose ONE and the nurse said she could have them all. Here is S holding her new found stash of stickers (which Mommy promptly hid to dispense after breathing treatments and trips to the potty!). S was so good though, so I let her have 4 stickers on the way home.


Beth said...

Sounds like my blood draw experiences. Not cool on a kid. Not at all.

Mandy said...

I had the same problem as a kid with blood work. NEVER failed.

I ended up learning what the problem was throughout my youth, rolling and collapsible veins. They just run from needles.

I'm sure they use a butterfly for her since she's a babe, but have they tried her hand? It's a lot less painful and invasive. (To this day, I get it drawn from my hand and I'm the worst stick ever.)