A Visit to the Early Intervention Program

S and I had an appointment with our local Early Intervention Program. It was an interesting conversation with the Intervention Specialist. We originally contacted this program when we discovered that S couldn't hear due to her ear infections. I wanted to get her into speech therapy because at 20 months, she only said a few words - but after her surgery (when she could hear!!) she didn't qualify because she wasn't "hearing impaired" anymore.

But I decided to take her in to have a developmental eval done anyway. It's funny, because I never really "think" about S being a former preemie but instead of the 24 month scale, they used the 22 month scale. I was pretty surprised by the results.

She didn't qualify under the 22 month scale. She probably would have under the 24 month scale.

Her speech, which was my concern...was off the charts fantastic. I even downplayed her skills a bit but then little Miss S started jabbering away and the specialist couldn't write down all her vocabulary words fast enough. She followed all the directions. Knew obscure body parts (like elbow, neck and knee) and was forming simple sentences. Today she actually said a 4 word sentence. It was "More milk please Mommy!" All this from the kiddo that wasn't talking 3 months ago!! She amazes me.

Her motor skills were delayed. There needed to be 25% deficiency in her skills according to her age for her to qualify. She was at 20% deficiency in both gross and fine motor skills. She can't hop. She has trouble kicking a ball while standing still (*but so do I at 31!) and has some balance issues that led to the deficiencies. Her balance problem interferes a bit with her ability to run, stop, and start running again.

I always thought her fine motor skills were on track. And they are. I mean, really, is the world going to end if your kid can't put 4 blocks in a straight line and push them like a train? Is that really a necessary skill to get into college? Will she not become President because of this? Or an astronaut? (okay so maybe that is a bit of stretch...but still). THIS I've decided not to worry about.

The gross motor skills... I guess we'll hit the playground a lot this summer. Oh darn! (Except is Florida and a bazillion degrees with 100% humidity and mosquitoes. Anyone want to get us an indoor playground?)

I left with S's case being dismissed because she didn't qualify and with the Specialists pronouncement that S is brilliant! (Yes she really did say that).

A good friend of mine used to volunteer with students with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and brought up the similar facial features that S and FAS kids share. I did my research and much of the literature discusses cognitive difficulties and mental retardation. Although she does have similar eyes...there is no doubt that S is very smart. Her personality is really starting to come out too...so watch out world!!

We spent the rest of the day at home while S explored using the potty. All. Day. Long. 9 times in 4 hours. She loved it. I was tired. And still no successful use of said potty, but enthusiasm abounds. But I have to record her pee-pee song. It's just too funny. I'll keep the video for me to torture her with when she's a teen and the audio I'll post here. You'll laugh. Promise.

Tomorrow we meet with the endocrinologist at 10:00am. Flash MRI is scheduled for Sunday at 10:30. Until tomorrow. 'nite!

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