Endo, MRI, and misc...

This has to be quick: I'm supposed to be working on stuff for my "other" job (besides mommy) and it's already late. But here we go.


Had an appointment with the endocrinologist. She didn't have S's complete medical record so she didn't want to do too much. I was pretty impressed with her at first, but then it happened....

She made some comment like "Your daughter is so advanced for her age!" I thought it was a little odd but smiled politely. (Don't get me wrong, I agree - BUT she just met S). The conversation continues for a while and then she shows me the growth chart. They have S marked on the chart as a 12 MONTH OLD!! So when the doctor said she was advanced, she thought she was an advanced 12 month old and not a 23 month old. Er..I may be a little dense here, but if my doc can't tell the difference between a one and two year old, how am I going to put stock in her decision making skills? Or just her skills in general? NOT. GOOD.

End result with the Endo is that we are going to check her hormone levels (thyroid) and doc is going to review S's entire medical record and see what other tests she might order. She did also mention the pheochromocytoma and the dreaded 24 hour urine catch - but we're holding off for a little longer. Oh, and did I mention she thought my kid was ONE? Sheesh!


We did stuff around the house in preparation for S's big 2nd b-day party here on Saturday. Note to self: If you are planning on throwing a party on a weekend, don't unearth all of your things (messes) and try to get them organized. Or your living room might end up looking like this: These are old clothes of S's to sort before they go up to the attic.


We had S's Flash(aka Quick) MRI done at 10:30. The last time we went in there, we waited for over an hour before being called. This time, only 5 minutes. I must remember to make weekend appointments more often. Spectacular. They had to strap her down and wedge her noggin in a helmet like device and she didn't like that much. I was able to calm her down a bit and the MRI lasted only about 5 minutes, but S did NOT like the sound of it at all. Even with earplugs. No results yet, I will keep you posted.


This morning we went over to the elementary school where I used to teach. I needed to pick up all of my teacher stuff that has been sitting in a closet for almost 2 years. I only brought home about a third of my stuff. I'm not sure where it is going to go but my mom is going to come over tomorrow morning and help me organize. Thankfully. This afternoon was spent running errands (bank, post office, etc.) and then S got a good dose of playing with Daddy.

Speaking of Daddy, S would not snuggle with anyone but me until 3 nights ago when I convinced her that Daddy was perfectly capable of snuggling with her. She must have believed me, because now Daddy is getting a good dose of snuggles before S goes to bed. I get mine before nap time. So it's a win-win-win-win-win. (A point to the person that actually gets this reference).

More tomorrow. Or soon...

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Hope said...

That Dr would've thrown me off too. Wow, thinking she was 1. WTH? Anyway, I'm happy she had her MRI and she did well. Have they thought of doing a CT scan? It only takes 10 -15 minutes and since she's a little older, she may lay still for it, so no GA!.