1.25mg instead of .31mg, Really?

So S has been a bit under the weather all weekend. She has been showing signs of increase frustration which we are hoping are just because she feels kind of icky. (I'm hoping it is not a sign of the terrible twos...though it could be).

Nights are the worst. We can her her rattling and wheezing. We haven't given her too many breathing treatments because a) they freak her heart rate out and b) she simply won't sit still for them without being physically restrained (which is not fun, let me tell you!).

Last night she had some horrible coughing fits that would last minutes and leave her gasping for air and her heart racing. She also had a slight fever so I decided to call the pediatrician this morning and take her in.

It a word it was ODD.

When we got there, her oxygen sats were 93 and 94 with a pulse of 120. Low O2 but pulse was okay. Blood pressure was fine too. (Sats with doc in the room. 95 and 96) When the doc listened to her - nothing. No rattles. No wheeze. Lungs "perfectly clear". Umm... really? Not to be picky or anything, but she was coughing and rattling ALL night. And now clear? ODD.

So the doc decided to give her a nebulizer treatment (which led to me restraining her and getting pinched and kicked until it was over...good times) and then recheck her sats. Sats were now 96 (no change) and her pulse was 145-150bpm (high). Blood pressures were still fine. ODD.

Dr. V listened to her again and pronounced her "all clear" again. She was retracting a bit (using her stomach muscles) though and breathing rapidly (around 47 per min, normal is 30) but doc felt comfortable letting us go home. We got a prescription for a chest x-ray (if needed) and a new prescription for an inhailed nebulizer medicine.

Now here is the kicker. Our ped was worried that S was using the .63mg Xopenex, which was making her shake, heart rate race etc. so she bumped us down to the .31mg Xopenex. I didn't fill it at the pharmacy because I didn't know what we already had at home. I got home and too my utter SHOCK, I discovered that S had been getting 1.25mg of Xopenex. THE ADULT DOSE!! I'm so mad. So so mad!

She has been getting this stuff for months! MONTHS!! Oh my gosh. We've been careful in the last six weeks or so...but prior to that, she was getting 3 doses a day!! THREE ADULT DOSES!!

I'm pissed!


Beth said...

How do you make a "Holy Shit!" face? :-o

Beth said...

If you have the Rx number, ask to see the prescription hard copy at the pharmacy. Even if it was written incorrectly, it should have been caught.

Tracie Petro said...

I am so mad for you, I don't even know what to say!!!!

Mandy said...

Niki I would be LIVID. That shit is not right. This is something that I think you should tell your doctor and have him go crazy on the Rx people. Something needs to be done.