On this day my love was born!

I'm skipping ahead a bit in the story, but our birth mom has 3 other children who were all delivered past her due date and she had to be induced.

So on this day, two years ago, at 6:30am her water broke. No contractions as far as I know, but she decided to head to the hospital at 6:30pm. 12 hours later. Triage took one look at her and heard her story and sent her immediately to the OR. S was born at 8:05pm via C-section. Four pounds six ounces (2000 grams exactly) and 17 inches long.

We didn't know about her two years ago today.

Unexpectedly, S's birth mom had called birth dad to attend the birth. We had not gotten (and were not legally required to get) his permission for the adoption. But since he had shown up for the birth, we legally couldn't pretend we didn't know who he was. All of the sudden the agency wasn't sure if the adoption would go forward. So they didn't call immediately.

The agency actually didn't call us until 10am the next morning. I was standing in my classroom (prepping for the next school year) and my cell phone rang. Our case manager asked if I was sitting down. She told me that my daughter was born last night. I said, "My what?" So she repeated herself. She briefly told me that S was in the NICU and doing well and that we could head down to the hospital to meet her. I also remember her telling me that our birth mom was upset and worried that we wouldn't want S because she was so small.

I was so flustered that I don't even remember if I called my husband first, or raced out of the school first. (Sorry Honey if it was the latter). I ran into my assistant principal and principal and told them that "I've gotta go. My daughter was born last night!" and I raced out the door.

I do remember hyperventilating a bit on the phone with M. The hospital was more than an hour away so I believe that we met down at the hospital and drove separately.

We stopped by to see C (birth mom) first before we went up to the NICU. She was NOT in good shape and had apparently lost a lot of blood during the c-section. Nothing life threatening, but she certainly was medicated enough to vaguely recognize us.

Then we went up to the NICU. It was a smaller NICU and S was still in a warming bed. And she was beautiful and tiny. Here are our first pictures of her and with her.
Here are two video clips that give you some sense of perspective on her size. The first is her first ever feeding. A whopping 5ccs of formula. I adore the kitty sounds she's making in the second one.

Later on in the day we got to come back and hold her for the first time. I would be lying if I didn't admit that it was a magical moment for me and for M. Pure bliss.S was a dream come true.

So S has gone from 4 lbs 6 oz and 17 inches long, to 28 lbs and 32 inches long. She can walk, run, talk and has the best giggle. She amazes us with her new "tricks" and is the light of our lives.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl! We love you!


redheadmomma said...

LOVED the stories!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY S!!!

Gibson Twins said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby Girl!

Mandy said...

What a wonderful story, N! You and M are the best parents, ever. :)

Happy Birthday, little S!

Tina said...

Great story!

Tina here from Blogs Gone Bad...